Monday, April 14, 2008

Minus 5 days till Fill Day!

Oh how I need that fill. Eating is terrible! Can't wait till normal foods on Wednesday too. I'm hanging out for a ham & salad sandwich! We've been pretty average with food choices this past week. But have had the most glorious weekend.

Friday night went out with a bunch of our mates to the Kardinya Tavern for some karaoke. Great fun. I was skipper so no alcohol for me - stuck to water. Ordered a bowl of wedges (poop!) to share. Then for mains I ordered the grilled snapper (forgot to ask for sauce onside) and GB ordered the tandoori chicken. The chicken was dry so GB only ate a bite. The snapper was 2 pieces, which I managed to eat one and about 3 chips. I can't believe I managed to leave chips on the plate! A minor miracle indeed! Was feeling VERY full though which is good. Sang a few tunes... good times.

Saturday we went for a BIKE RIDE! Bit of background to this - I bought GB a bike for his birthday last year and he used to ride to work quite a bit. So I thought I'd get a bike and do the same. So I bought one and rode to work one day, having not ridden a bike for about 15 years. Let me tell you - it's not just like riding a bike! I was like a total spazz! And as it turns out, there are quite a few hills between our place and work! So the bike was left in the garage for the past 4 months or so. But I decided to give it another go on Saturday. So we put the bikes on the car and drove down to the river (which is mostly flat). It's a 7km trip around and off we tottled. My butt was sore after about 2 and a half minutes. And yes I have a gel seat. The part I struggled with was the hill up to the Graham Farmer Fwy bridge. Had to hop off the bike about a quarter of the way up! Then it was fairly smooth sailing (well with a lovely grimace on my face) for the next few kms. Got towards Trinity College and started to feel a bit nauseas (think it was a mistake to have a juice box before the ride) so had to have a few minutes rest. Then got back on and made it up the hill to the Causeway bridge (very proud of myself!). My butt was pretty numb by then! The last kilometre just about killed. It was flat but my legs just didn't want to turn anymore. But I did it and didn't die so thats good. We're going to do it every saturday so I know I'll get better at it!

Went out for tapas on Saturday night in Northbridge. Shared 4 dishes. They're very small - smaller than entree size - so that's good for us. Managed to leave before we over did it. We had olives and fetta, grilled sausage and fetta, lamb kebabs and salt & pepper squid. A bit more "pub-style" tapas than the fancier ones we've been to lately. They loved their fetta!!! Still it tasted lovely and the chef even happily removed the tenticle parts from the squid dish for me. Shared a bottle of wine too (yum!). Had a lovely evening.

Sunday we went back to the river, this time with Westie in tow and walked the 7kms. Last Sunday we did it in 1hr 20mins; this week did it in 1hr 15mins which is great. Unfortunately it was pretty warm and the poor pooch was BUGGERED! She pretty much slept the whole rest of the day! Then GB and I went and played a couple of games of 10 pin bowling. I suck. GB had his best game ever on the 2nd game with 149 including 5 strikes and a spare - very impressive! After that we caught up with a friend at the pub. Glass of wine for me and a few kilkenny's for the boys. Then we just veged out for the remainder of the night.

So - very scared to weigh in on Wednesday. Even though we have exercised every day except for Friday since last weekend, our eating has been deplorable (although still better than pre-band!). GB has been walking the dog for 30mins in the morning, then going to the gym for 30-45mins after work doing cardio and weights, then doing about 20-30mins in the pool each day. I've been going to the gym after work and doing 30-45 mins on the treadmill and bike. Going to start adding a weights circuit this week to take the exercise up to 60mins. We also walk Westie again after the gym, but with no great pace.

Anyway, hope everyone is well!

Em :)

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  1. Em, you are doing so well with your exercise - both of you are. Congratulations. One day at a time with your food choices - recognising what needs to change or worked on is such a big step.