Monday, April 21, 2008

First PB

Well it happened. GB and I went to the shops for lunch and shared a greek salad (and some *cough*chips*cough*) and I got the chest pain and the urgent need to burp and rushed off the loo to PB up a piece of cucumber. GB was very pleased to see it finally happen to me as he was starting to thing he had more fill than me! Such a supportive partner I have! As karma would have it, not long after he had to visit the loo himself... haha sucked in!


  1. Hahahahaha - why is it the healthy stuff that comes back up - watch out for raw carrot? This post cracked me up. Such support :)

  2. Hey Em,

    I've been reading your posts about GB PB'ing all the time and I think it's because he's not taking small enough mouthfuls. I know that when I had a fill a couple of months ago I really had to change my eating style and eat from baby cutlery because I was so tight! You'll also find that the more fill you get, the less variety you'll be able to eat. Like I don't eat Bread, pasta or rice much anymore.

    LBG xx

  3. I think you're right LBG but I've given up trying to tell him "Smaller bites!". He's definately struggling with pasta and bread which he's a bit upset with. Haven't tried rice yet though.