Monday, April 7, 2008

Day 19 - Naughty Weekend!

So I can eat... just about everything. As has been evidenced by this weekend. It started on Friday when GB said he really wanted to take me out to celebrate the surgery and buying the house. So he surprised me with a trip to the "The Pony Club" which is a Tapas restaurant. We thought tapas would be good because it's basically small serves of everything. We tried to be sensible, ordering light seafood dishes. We shared about 4 tapas plates. I felt like I could probably eat something else so we ordered the fish as a main to share and then a side of "greens" and "potata grandes" The fish was lovely, the greens turned out to be brocolinis. The potatos were this BIG bowl of small halved baked potatoes with rosemary maybe and a yummy aoli. It was so big though - it could have been shared with 4 people. Anyway, GB took a bite of the brocollini and proceeded to get terrible pain. It took him 3 trips to the bathroom to PB it back up, the poor thing was not well. I hit the wall too but without the pain - just feeling like a massive whale and kind of like an elephant was sitting on my chest. Really uncomfortable.

On Saturday we had a few friends around to watch the derby (go the dockers!). So we had to pick up some nibblies. Potato chips (which I managed to stay away from) and party pies & sausage rolls... which I didn't manage to stay away from :(

Sunday my sister had a skincare product party where I spent WAY too much money and helped myself to chocolate and cheese and dip! AARRGGHH I deliberately didn't eat any lunch knowing that I would still indulge. The afternoon continued to our friends house that night for some games where we continued to chomp down on dip and cheese! arrggh.

Hopefully all that indulgence was offset by the fact that on sunday morning we did the 7km walk along the river in 1hr 20mins. Kept a pretty good pace so was happy with that. Also, going to start going to the gym after work again.

I had a weetbix with skim milk this morning for breakfast and I'm STARVING! Usually I bring my berocca with me and have a glass mid morning which staves off the hunger but I forgot this morning dammit. Plus I have a headache and it's overcast and horrible and I'd rather be watching movies in bed! Oh well, back to the water!

Thanks for all the comments guys, I really love to read them!

Em :)

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  1. Don't beat yourself - we all do it. You are human :)

    Sounds like you had a great weekend anyway - and life is more than just food.