Tuesday, April 29, 2008

PT update

I finally managed to get time to call the membership chick at the gym and put to her my request of doing one session and if we don't like it we'll pay for the single session and if we do continue it will come off our 10 pack. She went off to ask someone. That someone turned out to be my ex-trainer who is the head trainer in charge of the gym and who encouraged me to give this new guy a try in the first place. She hops on the phone and says that we can have a freebie session to see how we like Damien! So after all that fluffing about we're getting a free one after all! He gave me a call a bit later to make an appointment so now we have our first session tonight at 5.15pm! Looking forward to it!

I meant to go to the gym last night, was all kitted up but got stuck back at work. Gave GB a call and he suggested we meet at home and go for a long walk. We ended up doing about an hour long walk, good pace and then I finished off by jogging a lap and a half of the park and then our street home.

GB made a really nice chicken and rice dish for dinner last night too.

Weighed this morning and down 700g from last week. Will do an official weekly weigh in tomorrow.

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  1. I can't believe it - after all that you got it free after all - can't wait to hear how it goes. I'm impressed with the jogging - and the 700gms down - nice work :)