Thursday, May 1, 2008

6 weeks on...

Yes I'm alive... arms very sore though.

First an official weight reccap: 7.5kgs in 6 weeks. Not too bad, not as much as I would have liked but still, not too bad.

Now for what you've all been waiting for..... how was our PT session? In a word - TOUGH! Holy moly! GB and I did a 10 min walk on the treadmill (me at 6.3k/h) as a warmup. So far so good. Then our trainer came up to us. He said we were going outside to train. He grabbed matts and boxing paraphenalia and off we troddled out to the back of the building. He started us jogging on the spot when a friendly homeless indigenous australian decided to have a chat. He'd spotted the boxing stuff and wanted to know our trainer's boxing experience as apparently he was a golden glove. I guess this means he was good, or somewhere in the depths of his mentalness he thinks he's Rocky... which ever it was it was annoying. We did our best to bumble along.

After our jogging on the spot I was already tired. Then he explained that we'd go through a circuit together and then one of us would box with him while the other did the circuit. The circuit started off with pullups (or chinups) on this side rail. And here's about when it came unstuck for me. I have ZERO upper body strength. So my body barely moved when I pulled on the bar! Anyway we had to do 10 of those. Next we leant onto the rail and did pushups. That was tough too - 10 of those. We then moved to the stairs (about 10) and had to run down and then bolt up them, counting the number as we got to the top. 10 of those.  After that I could barely breathe! I hobbled over to the other rail and we had to do like scissor jump lunges. 50 of those and I was literally about to die. We then moved over to the window ledge and had to put one leg up behind us and do like a squat on the other leg. Shit. Then switch legs. Next we held onto a pole and did calf raises where we went up and down on our toes. Then we got to have a drink!

After that we did about a million different crunches. THen GB got to go off on the circuit and I got to box for the first time ever. It was great fun but I couldn't believe how much my heart was racing and sore my arms got. left punch, right punch, left hook, right hook, left uppercut, right uppercut. Over and over and over. My arms are stinging now just thinking about it! The only downer was the dude crapping on about what we were doing wrong - grrrr. When GB finished his circuit we swapped and I nearly died all over again doing my circuit! When he was finished we did some pushups (sort off - I couldn't really bend my elbows with my arse flat like that!). Then we moved back into the gym for 5 mins of intervals on the bikes. FARK! Trainer dude asked us throughout how we felt between 1 and 10 - we were at 9's and then after the bike - 10!

It may have been the lack of oxygen to our brains but we signed up for another 10 sessions each. We discussed it with trainer guy and he agreed that we probably wouldn't be able to manage an hour long session (that one was just half an hour) so we're going to do 30min session twice a week. I was literally shattered last night. A bit asthma-y too so will have to remember to take my puffer with me to future sessions. GB was pretty impressed with it too - he felt like he was going to throw up!

Anyhoo, must be on my way....

em :)

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  1. Wow - that sounds seriously full on. I wonder how different you will feel repeating that in about 10 sessions? Half an hour sounds like it is probably enough at the moment.

    Oh, and 7.5 kgs in 6 weeks - that is more than a kg a week - wow!!