Wednesday, May 21, 2008

9 Weeks Down

Well what a difference a fill makes! I almost went under that elusive 110kg mark... SO CLOSE! Nevertheless a 1.8kg drop this week is great. No hunger at all really which is good. Haven't been able to eat breakfast which I guess is ok. Differing opinions on that. "They" usually say how important breakfast is blah blah blah. However I'm reading Paul O'Brien's new lapbanding book and he pretty much says if you're not hungry - don't eat. Been eating salad for lunch which is going down ok. We bought half a cheesecake the other day and that was a bad move. Last night's dinner: cheesecake. Yum. I'm finding that if I take too big a gulp of water that it kind of gets stuck - but not to the extent of PBing. Weird - it's just water.

Doc Watson said on Friday that he doesn't need to see us for another couple of months. Given that that would bring us right up to when we fly out to Europe he said it was best to just make an appointment for when we come back in mid September.  Which is 4 months away! He doesn't want us too restricted going away which is good I guess. I'm going to see how I go in 6 weeks and if I feel like I'm eating too much or getting hungry I might try to get a fill. That way there's another 3-4weeks to settle before we go away.

I did 30mins on the cross trainer at home last night! Apparently all that dust on it doesn't affect it's capacity to work you silly! Then did about 10mins of sit ups, leg lifts and pushups.

Well the townhouse we bought a couple of months ago is finally settling next week! Because it is brand new we had to wait for the titles to be released. So we have our final inspection today and we're looking around for a property manager. I've had shit ones having been renting for quite some time so I'm keen to find someone who'll do a good job by us as well as whomever rents from us.

I thought I'd post a few photos:

Me & GB on Mother's Day:

Skinny GB at the Million Paws walk

The two of us in a corporate box at the Rugby last friday (the fill meant we couldn't eat much of anything on offer though!)

Us at Kings Park on Mother's Day

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  1. Wow - what a difference in both your faces - you are doing so well. 4 months sounds really daunting - I'm feeling a bit like that with a 2 month gap. I think you are probably making the right decision to see how you are going in 6 weeks or so - wise woman. Oh, and 1.8kgs - you rock!