Tuesday, May 6, 2008

PT 2: Electric Boogaloo

Ouchy Wouchy. I can barely walk. We had our second personal training session last night and it was another toughy. We did kickboxing and as a result my legs no longer like to leave the ground. Or bend. Which makes going to the toilet and sitting down quite the awkward task. In between kicking the trainer we had to do dips and pushups against the little wall (my hands are sooo sore!) and throw a tyre back and forth. We also had to do medicine ball situps without the ball which killed! And a bit of running around and jumping through the tyre. Finished off with 5mins on the cycle on fatburner level 10! (12 for GB) We were shattered by the end of it. Poor GB had to ride home on his pushbike after all that too!

When we got home we took Westie for a walk for about 45mins too. Slow and steady to get the bloody circulating again!

Food was pretty good yesterday:

Breakfast: 1 weetbix & skim milk

Lunch: Greek salad no dressing

Dinner: Chicken stirfry

Snacks: nestle no fat yoghurt

Anyhoo, that's it for today. If anyone has any suggestions as to what they'd like to seem me talk more or less about on this blog, just leave me a comment. Thanks to Myf for all her awesome comments! At least I know 1 person is reading this! haha

Em :)


  1. I like what you are writing - you have a good mix of your life, and the band - you aren't all band, band, band.

    Oh, and commenting is a pleasure - I love when I get them and hate to see an empty collection of comments. :)

  2. it is just a muscle spasm.. you should have a good stretching exercise to avoid some complications after.. ;)

  3. Yeah you're right about stretching. I did some this morning which hurt but hopefully will help. It's funny - I'm ok sitting down, ok standing up but the process of going from one to another is a struggle!

    Thanks for the advice.