Wednesday, May 7, 2008

7 weeks on...

It's been 7 weeks since the banding - wow how time flies! A bit disappointed with only a 600g loss this week considering the exercise I'm putting in, but my diet hasn't been the best so I guess that's fair. Will retake measurements next Wednesday and will hopefully see some change there.

My scars are mostly healing nicely. The small one on the right is now finally starting to dry up and heal after a week of putting betadine on it. And the end of the big scar is starting to heal too. Not sure why these two have been a bit of a pain in the arse but we're getting there. I do still get a bit itchy around them.

I'm still sore!!! I am still struggling to bend my legs to sit down and get up which is frustrating! And our next PT session is tomorrow! So hopefully will be semi better by then!

Food yesterday:

Breakfast: 1 weetbix & skim milk

Lunch: Greek salad

Dinner: satay chicken and steamed vegies

Dessert: Banana split (1 scoop light icecream)

Snacks: 300ml Light Iced coffee

Well better get back to work. Blah. I need a day off.


  1. Ah you are a funny one Em, I love the Electric Boogaloo heading :) Hey sounds like you are doing fine. I on the other hand lost well prior to surgery, then er well um ...... okay remained the same wt , not goin up not goin down. HOWEVER I now have a second fill, and 'Houston we have contact !' I now know what restriction means, I have been severely sat on me bum, foods which were the loves of my life are now the ENEMY, they just plain hurt, then there is the smug feeling of fullness......... oh please let it last. For the record I have 4.5 ml in my 10 ml band and am very grateful to know it does actually work.... silly egg I know.
    till next time

  2. On the plus side, the pain from your last PT session will fade during the next one - in the past I've always found that backing a PT session up with yoga has really helped. Going to give that a try once I've got my first session teed up.

    600gms in a week is great - that is a good sustainable long term loss. A month doing that is still 2.5kgs (give or take - be nice, it's late, and I had wine!) down. I think my surgeon would be thrilled if I did that.

  3. Yeah I'm hanging out for my 2nd fill next week. I think this one only lasted about a week! Good luck Deb!