Tuesday, May 20, 2008

No PT this week

I have posted this month's measurements on the measurements page if anyone wants to have a gander!

No PT this week unfortunately, had to cancel. GB has hurt his back either at PT last thursday or cleaning up my workshop at work on Saturday (I dragged him in to help!), so the poor love is only allowed to walk this week. He was pretty miserable yesterday, in pain and also not able to keep much food down at all. I've told him to stick to liquids today and see how he goes. He managed to drink an optifast shake this morning and a cup a soup for lunch. The week after the fill was pretty awful for him last time so I'm hoping it does get better for him. I also appear to be coming down with the flu thanks to the half a dozen people coughing, sneezing and spluttering at the training last week. Bastards.

Nothing else happening really, so enjoy a pic of our pooch Westie taken yesterday in her new "Spoilt Bitch" jumper I bought for her at the Million Paws walk.

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  1. Oh, poor GB - struggling to keep food down and a sore back - hopefully things settle down for him soon. Fingers crossed you avoid the worst of the germs - I hate those people who share germs like that - I'm all for sharing, just not germs.