Monday, May 19, 2008

Quick Update - 2 months banded

Sorry I haven't updated in a while. Been busy with work and life - you get that! Was running a training course all last week so wasn't in the office on my computer at all! What's been going on?

Weight: put on a bit last week due to having a phat time of life! Eating too much... definately time for a fill!

Measurements: Took monthly measurements and have lost 22cm all over which is more than I lost the month before which is terrific. Will post as soon as I can.

2nd Fill: GB and I went for our second fill on Friday. Doc Watson was very happy with our progress and the exercise we're putting in. He gave us both 1ml taking us to 5ml in 10ml bands.

Eating post fill: Difficult. We had corporate box tix to the Rugby on Friday night after our fill. Couldn't really eat much of anything. GB again had a big task of keeping anything at all down (same as last time). I struggled but was ok. Saturday - didn't eat much of anything - wasn't hungry at all. Had an iced coffee at the shops then nibbled on ham and cheese at GB's parents house that night. And a bit of popcorn at the movies that night - that's it. Sunday, GB made us scrambled eggs for breakfast - neither of us could eat it. It seems we have joined those bandsters who can't eat breakfast. Shame. Did the million paws walk with friends and then went to The Balmoral for lunch and bevvies. I ate a greek salad - had a PB - stupid lettuce leaves. GB didn't eat much of anything. I also shared a small piece of cheesecake with a friend - went down an absolute treat!!! Haven't eaten anything today yet - GB tried an apple - no luck there either.

Anyhoo, that's all I've got to say about that! Hope everyone else's journey is progressing well. I hope to catch up on your blogs this week!

Em :)

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  1. 22 cms is fantastic - congratulations! How are you eating in the morning if you've had a warm drink first? I've heard a few people say that makes it easier to get breakfast down.

    Oh, and lettuce is evil and must be destroyed. Just feed it to the rabbits and leave it off my plate!