Thursday, May 8, 2008

Still hurting....

Decided not to go to the gym after work last night because my legs were still so sore. GB and I walked Westie for about half an hour though (not at any great speed) and I ran...jogged..shuffled 2 x 1.5laps of our park. Then we did some medicine ball situps together (sans medicine ball). So still did some exercise just not as intense. The muscles above my knees are still sore today if you can believe that and we have another PT session tonight!

Thanks for your advice Myf about Yoga. Not sure how I'd go with that. I did a body balance class last year when I was quite a bit lighter and which combines yoga, pilates, tai chi and I vowed never to go back coz I was so crap! But the gym does have yoga classes so maybe I'll think about it.

I made a lovely cannelloni last night. I know we're trying not to have carbs for dinner blah blah but we felt like something really tasty and I think it was my best ever! Of course I made a whole tray of it so we'll be eating it all week!! haha

The last few nights I've noticed (and so has GB) that my stomach is making all sorts of gurgling noises. It's kind of like hunger grumbles but I'm not hungry. What's that all about? It's really loud!!!

Anyhoo, best be off

Em :)


  1. it's just an air inside maybe.. ;)
    take care of yourself..

  2. Hahahahaha - that gurgle thing cracks me up. I kept getting up in the night and checking all the taps the first time I heard it. Felt pretty stupid when I realised it was me. If you are anything like me it isn't going anywhere anytime soon. I gurgle when I'm hungry, and I gurgle when fluids and food are going through the band. The hour after gym is pretty special too - all that water going through me.

    Body balance sounds scary to me too - I actually observed a class doing that the other day to see if I was ready for it. Short answer was no. I got to the gym too late to do yoga tonight - I just love the stretching, instead I just hit the bikes and weights. Good work on the keeping moving. I guess the more we do, the easier it is.

    Myf xox