Friday, May 2, 2008

Men v Women

I was just reading an article on about Sam winning The Biggest Loser and these paragraphs pipped my interest:

"Fortunately for males and unfortunately for females they (males) have the hormone testosterone, which is a hormone that allows you to build lean muscle tissue and cut fat at the same time," he says.

"It's the way God, or who ever discovered this world, built us.

" Females were built to survive in evolution, they need to be able to hold weight in times of famine and carry a baby, feed kids and things like that. That's why the human race has survived and why women will hold weight on a bit. The more testosterone you have on a chemical level the more weight you will lose."

So does this mean I should be shovelling testosterone down my throat? Will I grow "man bits"? Hmmmm

GB did his official weekly weigh in today and was disappointed to have only lost 400g. I think that's awesome considering we've made a few dodgy food choices this week (*cough*chinese*cough). Plus that's like almost a tub of magarine of weight he's lost. He's on the last hole on his belt. The same belt I might add that he bought about a week before our surgery and could only just get it done up on the first hole. He's gone from a size 47 to 42 in pants and shirts and all this in 6 weeks. People are saying they didn't recognise him walking past. I'm uber proud of him.

Back to Sam. It was terrific to see him win last night and looking great and happy. 71.7kg lost in 6 months! I'd be happy if that's what I weighed! And he didn't look sickly thin like last year's winner who admitted after that he was planning to put back on about 15-20kgs after the show as he was too thin! I couldn't help feel a twinge of sadness for Alison after losing by just 1%. And how unrecognizable was Sean! Oh my god. Thanks goodness that pony tail got the chop too! Kristen looked like she'd gone for some muscle definition which would have reduced her chances but she looked terrific.  My personal faves were Sheriden and Nicola. I thought they looked mint and what I aspire to.

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  1. I missed biggest loser last night - aargh! Might have to pop over to the 10 website and watch it. From the photos I've seen most of them looked amazing. Nicola looked great. GB is doing so well - that is fantastic. I saw that article about testosterone too - hmmmm. Darn genetics.