Friday, April 4, 2008

Day 16

Where is everyone? Don't you people realise that fat folk need constant reinforcement of how wonderful we are? Post some comments! I kid.. I kid.. But seriously, I like to hear what people are thinking, how they're going, if they have any questions... so bring them on!

I'm feeling splendiferous. Pain is a zero. I'm eating food (soft food, but food none the less). And it's Friday!

Insert amusing anecdote here:

I cooked pototo bake last night. Cut up the potatoes really small, used low fat cream and put it in the oven. I usually let it cook for about an hour. GB and I decide to take Westie for a walk while that's cooking. When we go for a walk, and because we use the door to the garage more than our front door we normally just take the garage remote with us. So off we trot. Walk around the big block and play in the park with Westie for a bit (silly dog - she will only retrieve balls in one particular park - nowhere else!). We head back home and as we approach our place, GB says do I have the remote? No I don't have the remote, I never have the remote. He says, "well I don't have it". For a few minutes we both thing the other is taking shit out of the other. But no, neither of us have it. I say, "did you drop it". GB: "I don't remember ever having it". So I say that in that case the garage door must still be open. We look down the driveway and nope, garage door is closed. The buttmonkey must have opened the garage door, and then closed it and put the remote back on the wall and ducked out as the door was closing! So we were locked out, with no spare keys anyway outside out house. In a cruel twist, we had even locked the back sliding doors which we sometimes leave open if we're just walking the dog. So it got darker, and colder and I was getting bitten by midgies! Luckily GB deals with locksmiths at his work and we had at least brought his phone with us so he called him to come out. Poor guy had just cracked a red wine for the night! So half an hour later he comes, and starts trying to unlock the front door.  After a few minutes, GB pipes up with "Is it going to be a problem if the key is in the lock on the otherside?" Seriously. So we go around the back and attempt the sliding doors. He finally manages to unlock the laundry one and we're in! By now the potatoes had been cooking for about an hour and 40mins!!! The top was nice and crispy! Still tasted awesome though and it was nice and soft underneath!!

It's very hard to keep this from our friends. We're a really social bunch, but basically this surgery has meant we haven't been able to go out to eat with them at all for a month! We have told them we're on strict meal replacement diet till mid April and they're being supportive which is good but it's still hard! I feel like we're fobbing them off at every turn. But it will all be worth it and who knows, maybe in a year we'll come clean.

Both our weight loss has stagnated as expected now that we're eating more. Have to be careful, because sometimes I feel like I could just keep eating. Not feeling full at all. I have to get my brain to remember: Eat until you're not hungry, Not until you feel full. There is a big difference.

That'll do for nowsies,

Have a great weekend!

Em :)


  1. Glad to hear things are going well for you both.

    I had a dinner left in the oven too long incident today myself, no locked doors though, just an inefficient soccer club. The last time I locked myself out of the house I rang Adam and made him come home from work to let us in, and then when he got there we realised I'd left the glass sliding door on beside the front door unlocked and could have let myself in all along. I blamed the complete brain failure on the panic of thinking I was locked out with 3 small children.

  2. Hi Em.
    I was banded not too far before you! I had my first fill on Friday. Nice restriction!
    Looking forward to reading youe blog :0)

  3. Hi Em
    You are doing so very well!! Congratulations. This is only the start of success, you can and will do this.
    Weight will stagnant, but hey....that's not increasing!! Remember that this is going to take a lot more time than putting the weight on...says she the most impatient of all! But the wait is so worth it and I know you will be where you want to be in no time.
    I look forward to following your journey

  4. I havent forgotten you Em !! Guess what? got an appt for an earlier fill, thank goodness was starting to worry. Sounds like you guys are doing fantastically well and buying a house as well...... there is no stopping you now! Stay well

  5. Did you steal your first paragraph from me? I had those exact thoughts going through my head last week :)

    I'm curious - why is it so important to you guys to keep it such a secret from your friends?

    Oh, and you are in Europe a couple of months before us - let me know how you go with the food and flights.

  6. Mimbles - hahaha It was the first time in ages we'd locked our sliding doors - damn!

    Bridget - good to hear from you. I'll be sure to check out your blog.

    Deb - Too scared to weigh after this weekend. Going to try to keep the weighins weekly anyway. Fingers crossed not too much damage!

    Deborah - I can't wait for a fill! Let me know how you go!

    Myf - haha It's a bit sad how seeing 1 comment can pick you up!!! Why we don't tell friends? I guess we're embarrassed that it's got to the stage where this was our only option. I can't wait for Europe!!! 6 weeks of adventure and fun!